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Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

Welcome to the Thrigby Hall wildlife gardens website. We hope you find our website packed full of information but if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.. Remember we're open all year round for you to come and visit us. See the beautiful gardens and the amazing wildlife we look after here in the gardens

Going Green Words

Going Green

When these Gardens opened in 1979 few of the words on the left were in use. Now we re-cycle rubbish, choose fuel efficient cars and we know that our climate is changing.

Gerald Durrell, Peter Scott and others warned of looming man made conservation disasters and they have been proven correct. Rates of species extinction are accelerating. It is too late to save many but some are being helped by the work of Gerald Durrell's Jersey Zoo and other converts to their message.


Belatedly, a European Union Directive now compels zoos to contribute to conservation. As these Gardens assigned all its collection to co-operative breeding programmes in 1994 - over 20 years ago, it fully complies with the commendable legislation.

Thrigby Conservation Fund

Thrigby Adoption Scheme